1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – 11 First Birthday Party Themes

1st birthday party ideas for boys
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1st birthday party Ideas are plenty to choose from for your little boy. It seems like only yesterday he was born but between all the milestones every month the year went by fast. Of all the milestones your boy had the past eleven and a half month, his first birthday will be the biggest milestone in his life. If your baby boy has not started walking yet, he will be pretty soon. I still remember my baby boy taking his first step on first birthday.

When my boy was turning one, I was a bit overwhelmed as to what theme to have his first birthday party. I came across a lot of themes and to help you I have listed all 1st birthday party Ideas for your boy.

First birthday boy outfit

  1. Puppy First Birthday Theme:

This is what I did for my baby boy’s 1st birthday party. He had blue outfit, matching pup birthday cake, blue and white balloons. You can find puppy 1st birthday party supplies every party store. Personally I love shopping online as I can shop for all the party items from visiting different stores all at the same time.


1st Birthday Puppy themeYou can get this beautiful First birthday baby boy puppy themed outfit from JustBabyz store. This outfit is made with high end 100% cotton seer sucker fabric in the United States. It can be personalized with your baby boy’s name and will be a great keepsake for you and your boy.

Puppy Birthday Cakes,

DIY Puppy Birthday decorations.

first birthday party theme for boys

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