Amusing Things Babies Would Say in a YELP Review if Given A Chance

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Have you ever wondered what would babies say if they were asked to leave reviews of the places and laps they frequent quite often? Well, that’s just what one writer at did. She has put it into pictures and words what most moms and grandma’s say or think.

I have always wondered what goes on in my baby’s head when nursing? You see all this cute expression and the ever so kissable rolling of the eyes – you mama’s know what I am talking about!

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I have always found breastfeeding or nursing a lot easier than bottle feeding as I don’t have to get up and leave. The first three months are tough as they are tiny and my babies usually slept on my chest and I was in a reclined positioned. Out of four I only was able to nurse the last two but I am so thankful for it.




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