Tender Moment Deaf Grandma Teaching Sign Language to her 9 wk old Deaf Grand baby




Grandmas are the best! There is no debate about it. It is true especially when we have just had our baby. Our moms are always there and know exactly the right thing to do to calm our baby. We may or may not like it but it is very true.

Babies have a special bond to grandmas. Six to nine weeks is when a baby usually starts making noises to mimic us and try to communicate with us. I remember my mom talking to my third daughter and she would get all excited and coo back. I could watch that video all day long. When I saw this video it touched my heart in a special way.


Our bond is not stopped because we cant hear or see as our love transcends all barriers. This video shows how the grandma so lovingly signs to the baby and helps her to sign back. Though she is not ready you can see the joy her grandma’s touch gives her.

Here is the Transcript of the video

Start video:
Both of them are laughing.
“I’m funny?” *tickles Aria’s cheek*
“Grandma. Can you sign Grandma?”
*she laughs when Aria laughs at her*
“Oh, you’re so funny!”
“So funny!” *strokes Aria’s cheeks*
“Oh, funny!”
“Say Grandma. Can you sign Grandma?”
*lifts Aria’s hand to help her sign Grandma*
“Yes, that’s how you sign Grandma!”
*close up shot of Aria*
*Aria starts to move her arm*
“Grandma, yes!” *Aria moves her arm closer to her face*
*points to Aria’s hand* “Yes, that’s it!”
“Grandma” *moves Aria’s hand again*
“Yes, that’s it! Grandma”
*Aria keeps on moving her arm and hand*
*Aria’s eyebrows goes up as if she understands what is saying*
*Aria’s arm and hand goes to her face and she seems to be signing “Grandma”*
“Yes, yes! That’s it!”
*looks up to the camera* “Did you see that?!”
*looks back to Aria* “Yes, Grandma, yes!”
*Moves Aria’s hand again to sign Grandma*
*Aria’s eyebrows furrows as her arm tightens*
“Oh, no, Im not going to force you, ok, ok”
“Aww! Oh my, you’re so cute” *gently strokes Aria’s head*
End video.


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