Farm Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Cute Little Piggies For Your Farm Themed Birthday


This will be one of the cutest item on your pig out table :-). You could have mini-cakes or cup cakes for this.

All you you need for this little piggie is

  • mini cupcakes or regular cupcakes
  • Pink Icing
  • Pink Wafer
  • Marshmallow (Big or small depending on your cupcake)
  • Chocolate chips

Then You can arrange it as pictured.

Pink Icing Recipe


Ingredients for Icing

In case you were wondering how to make the pink icing. I got it from You can make it simple by just buying plain cupcakes from sams club, walmart, publix, costco or any other grocery place. I am sure if you are ordering ahead of time they can make the pink icing or just give it to you plain.

farm themed birthday party

If you do make this cute little piggies be sure to share it on our facebook page JustBabyz. Now to the next recipe. Continue to the next page…


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