First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

first fathers day gift ideas
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First fathers day is something special that every dad will remember. We just don’t realize how special it is until we have children of our own. If this is going to be dad’s first fathers day please take the time to make sure he knows how much he is doing right.

I remember vividly my husband struggling to find a place or things that he can do right and always felt like he did not do enough or just did not know how to make me feel better. I was struggling with breastfeeding at that time and let me tell you the first few months was not a walk in the park but it is something that we treasure. Even after having four babies and miscarrying four, the first few months were equally hard. So fathers day just a little acknowledgement from the little guy/gal he helped create would go a long way.

First Fathers Day DIY Gift Idea – Super Hero 

I found this little super hero card that can be customized and will be a keepsake. This is more precious than any other personalized first fathers day gift that you can buy for so many reasons.


first fathers day gift ideasAll you need is

  • Canvas or paper ( I prefer cardstock kind as it is a bit thicker than the regular paper.)
  • Paint in red, blue and tan color. (You can find this at your local Hobby Lobby Store. I love Hobby Lobby.)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Black Sharpie
  • Paper Plate and some wipes to clean up.

This is pretty explanatory and does not need instructions but if you do you can find it here. I did not use scrapbook letters just wrote it myself but you can be creative and do it any way you want, the possibilities are limitless.

Next Fathers Day Gift is “Hands Down Best Dad Ever”


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