Hilarious Video of Disappointed Baby When Her No Command Does not Work


I have had four babies and each of them have unique personalities. My fourth baby is very entertaining and there is never a dull moment in my house. This little precious was born with a bit of a temper. She got mad at my husband when she was only five minutes old. At least she gave me pointers as to her weakness as soon as she was born :-).

My children have always wanted puppies and so this February we were able to get one for them. Being the fourth baby Rielle have to make her own stand.

I had my iphone out as thats what we moms do – capture everything and especially the first moments. My little girl had enough as no one was giving her a turn to pet the puppy. So she did what any baby would do :-). Use her authoritative command and say “NO”. I think she expected everyone to stop and let her have the puppy but she was so disappointed when they did not. This was the first time she said no, so I was happy to have it on a video.


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