Laughing Babies Will Make you Laugh Till You Cant


Babies are cute whether they are laughing or crying. We as parents enjoy the first year more than anything. There is a reason why we like our baby’s first year as they experience everything for the first time. We as parents are introduced into their world and learn to see things through their eyes.

A baby’s laughter can be very calming. I remember my father in law, when he had dementia and was agitated, would calm down when we brought him our baby. Just holding our baby and listening to his laughter really relaxed him.

A baby’s laughter is great to hear when we have had a rough day. It really helps us forget the heaviness we bear and just enjoy. I wonder if its because a baby laughs from their soul that does not know sorrow, or sin. A laughter so pure yes it cures us of our worries, sorrow and inspires us to live in the present and enjoy life.


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