Story of a 12yr old delivering a baby is Spreading like wild fire on the net


The story of how a baby is born is very powerful, moving and life changing. Every mother always has a unique birth story with every child. As a mother of four I know its very true and my children always love to hear their birth story on their birthday. They cherish every moment I describe to them. It just makes them feel loved, special and unique. One 12yr old got everyone beat with her little brother’s birth story.

Jacee is a 12 year old who lives in Jackson Mississippi with her mom and dad, Dede and Zack Carraway, along with her 18month old brother. This family was expecting another baby brother this year 2017 in June.

first birthday baby boy outfit

Jacee had accompanied her mom and her step dad to the hospital and was standing behind her mom during the delivery. Little Jacee started crying as she was afraid that she is not going to be able to see her little brother come in to this world as she was well behind her mom and short.



 “I started crying because I thought I wasn’t going to get to see him be born, because I was too short,”

WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES OF A NEW BORN BABY. If you do not wish to see it please exit the page

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