Top 4 First Birthday Party Themes for boys

First year of a baby’s life is filled with lots and lots of firsts and big milestones. It never seizes to amaze us, as moms, to see how far they have come from being a tiny baby. To celebrate their first achievements of their first year and our achievement of sleepless nights and loss of privacy we celebrate the first of many years to come.

If you are like me your baby is probably only six months and you are already brainstorming first birthday ideas for your little boy. It is easy for baby girls as they have tons of cute stuff to choose from. But for our little boys we have to hunt a little longer or harder to find that right party.

To help you here are some of the popular first birthday party themes that you can choose from. To make it easy for reading I have broken the themes so you don’t have to scroll down but just click next page


Zoo Themed First Birthday Party

This is a fun theme for baby boy’s first birthday. You can have a giraffe cake or a monkey boy first birthday party

Get a personalized and matching outfit to match the birthday theme. Personalized first birthday outfit can be preserved as a keepsake.

There are plenty of cute invitations that you can choose from sites like oriental trading, Amazon or Etsy.

Balloons!!! We cant forget the balloons. The best thing to do is to get zoo theme colored balloons.

First Birthday Boy Outfit

Jungle First Birthday Party Theme

firstbirthday boy

Jungle theme is a great birthday party theme. Whether your boy is one year old or four years old, he will love the ferocious jungle animals. I love oriental trading as they have the cutest birthday stuff. You can go all out or just get the centerpiece, plates, and napkins. Either Way you cant go wrong as long as you have plenty of balloons. Getting the balloons at Walmart is very cost efficient than getting them at Party City.


You can choose monkey, lion or giraffe. JustBabyz offers customized theme oriented birthday outfits that will suit if you are looking to make your baby boy’s birthday extra special. This lion outfit comes in red lettering.  A lion birthday cake will go perfectly with this outfit. But make sure you take plenty of pictures.


Monkey Themed Party

So may be the lion and giraffe are not a good choice for you but

what about monkey or curious George birthday party? after all in couple of months they are going to be climbing everything and everywhere and you will be prone to call your little a cute little monkey (just kidding)

If you are having curious George or jungle themed party. This monkey themed birthday outfit is cute and is one of the bestsellers. Oriental trading, ebay, Amazon, Party City and other retailers have great birthday decorations that will match this outfit. Your baby’s party will e a hit as long as there are some pretty yellow, green, blue balloons, Curious George plates, a centerpiece, and matching table runner, you can pull this off. These are the essential items for a party anyway but you can go very extravagant if you would like. After all your baby boy is going to have only one First birthday.

Carnival Or Circus Themed First Birthday Party

Carnival or Circus theme party is fun. Something to consider is that some children are afraid of clowns. So you might need to get another form of entertainment. If your baby boy is only turning one then the party will include more adults than children, so you do not have to worry about any entertainment as your baby is the entertainment. He will will be trying to show off that he can crawl, stand up and walk. Nothing can get cuter or entertaining that your baby.













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