You Will Not Believe Until You See It For Yourself – New Born Baby Seems to be Taking her First Steps Right After Birth


Giving birth naturally, with epidural or induced comes with its own surprises. But this mama did not expect this pleasant surprise after her baby was born. This post went viral on Facebook and am glad the parents captured this moment.

We as moms and dads are very impressed with our babies by what they go through to get into this world. In every aspect of birth you can see God’s hands in it and the amazing wisdom He has given us.

Giving birth, to four of mine naturally, my husband and I would brag to everyone of how they held their head, how they crawled up and found their own way to nurse and some when held tried to climb. When we come to the climbing part most people have this look like we are crazy but okay you just gave birth so we are just going to pretend like its awesome look. So when I saw this video it resonated with me a lot.

When Arlete Arantes posted this on Facebook, they got mixed reactions to some lecturing, to some laughing, some reflecting on their own birth experience like myself, and some anticipating their own labor in the coming process.


Here are some reaction that video received on Facebook after they posted.

This video can be funny according to this Facebook user as her mom laughed for about ten minutes. Now that’s a long time to laugh and I bet it was good for her heart and soul.

Here is one Facebook user wondering about all the kicks. We mamas know how painful, and uncomfortable it can be.

This Facebook user is pretty upset about this video. Her point of view that the baby needs to be snuggled with mama. I am sure the little baby girl did that and this video could have been taken when cleaning up.

No Matter how you feel we can all agree that our babies are awesome, cute and a true miracle.

Here is an article that talks about newborn reflexes that are exhibited with certain stimulation. Thought it would help expecting mamas who are watching this.

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